BlackBull CopyTrader

Award-winning copy trading with elite fund managers and advanced risk management control.

Key features of BlackBull CopyTrader

BlackBull CopyTrader is an award-winning platform designed to connect traders to elite fund managers with a track record of success and proven trading strategies.


You can copy-trade with confidence on the BlackBull CopyTrader platform by using its advanced risk management features that let you determine exactly how you want to deploy your funds.

Award-winning Platform

The BlackBull CopyTrader platform has been recognised for the quality of its elite fund managers and its advanced risk management features, helping BlackBull Markets secure the title of Best Copy Trading Broker at the 2023 Forex Expo Dubai.




Why Join BlackBull CopyTrader?

If you want to copy elite traders with a verified track record of trading, then BlackBull CopyTrader is for you!


BlackBull CopyTrader is an ultra low-latency platform that lets you copy the trades of master traders.


Leverage their expertise, tap into their market insights, and benefit from their proven track record.

Copy only the best

BlackBull CopyTrader is a transparent platform that showcases the best fund managers.


Explore the leaderboard rankings and review the trading histories and trading strategies of the elite fund managers.

Risk Management

Copy-trade with confidence knowing your funds are protected by the BlackBull CopyTrader’s advanced risk management tools.


The BlackBull CopyTrader lets you set precise rules to control how your funds are deployed by the elite fund managers.

Meet the Providers

Discover the elite traders on the BlackBull CopyTrader platform.

How to get started?

Before Joining BlackBull CopyTrader, you will need a BlackBull Markets account. Sign up in less than 5 minutes to get started.

Step 1

Create a BlackBull Markets account

Create an account in less than 5 minutes.

Step 2

Explore Providers

Explore our range of elite fund managers.

Step 3

Activate copy-trading

Select a fund manager and start copy trading


BlackBull Copytrader

  • Is BlackBull CopyTrader free?

    Yes, BlackBull CopyTrader will always be free to join and use. 

  • Is there a minimum deposit required to copy-trade?

    There is no minimum deposit required to trade with BlackBull CopyTrader. However, you will need to meet the funding parameters set by yourself or by the Provider you choose to follow. 

  • Can I copy-trade multiple Providers at the same time?

    Yes, you can copy-trade with as many Providers as your funds and copy-trading parameters allow. 

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